Friday, October 7, 2011

Update: 31 Days of Following a a Top 10 Checklist.

The Check list is going SWELL! Seriously, yesterday was a first completing it!

I jogged, and rode my bike-even though I may be a little sore today, I'm going to do it again. I went 2.1 miles, making it about 1.5 miles before it was necessary to stop and walk for a minute. Not thinking that I should be able to jump right back into jogging after taking such a long break from it. For Me, consistancy of the checklist is going to be important. Gradually building up to our goals, in my opinion, is so important. Often times, we think we can't do this or that amount, so we don't even begin. I don't want to be that person. So again, I'll jog as far as I can personally, and then do it again.

The water drinking habit is starting to kick in, and I feel so much more energy it seems. Is that a product of drinking more water? Energy? Maybe it is the combination of exercise and water. Or the great October weather, or sunshine. Or maybe even having a checklist...but I like it. So going to continue to drink the 16.9 oz bottles of water.

I spent time outdoors decorating for fall-Jack o'lanterns in the windows, Mums on the corner of the property, Orange Pumpkin lights in the tree, and a Pumpkin Banner flying in the autumn wind. (Does anyone else simply enjoy the sound of wind chimes?) In the evening the orange hues of the fall lighting is enchanting. I do think that I spent waaaaayyy longer than 1/2 hour outdoors (time alotted on my checklist) in the yard. It was just so beautiful that we didn't want to go inside.

The indoor cleaning for a 1/2 hour was timed-because it was so nice outdoors, I wanted to simply get it checked off of the list. Quick Sweeper run, laundry, and dishes.

So Day #6 of the 31 Days of Following a Checklist is Complete. It was a Good Day~

Yesterday I gifted someone from the abundance that we have. We were both happy. Giving has a quality to it like no other. A gift well received is like Eating a Pan of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and not being charged with any calories. It is just gratifying. I'm making a daily habit of giving something out of our abundance. More on that next week.


  1. Thanks, Michelle. Time for me to get today's jog in I think ;) Blessings~

  2. You're doing wonderfully! :) I love my checklist too, although since it was Thanksgiving weekend here, it was pretty much a write off! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!