Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday's with Trisha -Guest Blog Post- Love & Abundance, A Lesson from the Woods

The following post was written by Today's Guest Blogger: Trisha Rockwell. Trisha's blog can be found at:

Today is Saint Valentine's day.  A day of love.  Romance.  I think of batting eyelashes and unspoken intentions.  Young love.  After 15 years of marriage and children running a muck at home, the romance feels a little lacking. 

How does abundance relate to romance and love?  What is nature telling me here in the northeast about love and abundance?  It's telling me that the fullness and richness of abundant love is lying just below the layer of snow and ice.  The promise of fulfillment in the soft and comforting moss that lines the rocks and the trees.  It's easy to forget that everything we need is right at our fingertips when life feels full of demands and responsibilities. 

The promise is right under the layer of snow.  When I push my finger into the snow and clear a spot of it away, I can see a layer of green grass ready to bask in the sun as the snow melts into needed nourishment.  Abundance is knowing that you always have more than you need.  Abundance is knowing that you are more than enough.  You are smart enough, beautiful enough.  You exceed the boundaries of enough just because you are. 

Be open to the opportunities for abundance.  Allow love to shine it's light on you today.  Acknowledge it, breathe it in, feel it.  It is yours.  Accept it.

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