Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 1 of the $15 a Day Challenge

Today is day one of the $15 a day challenge. I found myself at the grocery store because I'd forgotten to purchase a case of water, juice, and romaine lettuce yesterday. My husband requested haddock for dinner tonight, so I found a package for $7. (I expained that I had salmon already at home, but he insisted.) So, I spent $18 total- which is $3 over budget for the day.

Sitting with the checkbook, balances, and game plan can be daunting. At least I think it can be. When one of you wants to save, and the other is content to spend it is especially daunting. (Sometimes the spender is me, I will admit) However, knowing what you owe, or don't owe, is important. This will let you know for sure the amount that you have left to save, share, or spend. This week we are coming off of a lot of traveling, so I'm looking forward to being home more and making this challenge work.

Bread making this afternoon. One loaf of whole grain wheat bread at the store is $3-$4. I should be able to make another 5 loaves from scratch with the ingredients that I have left.  That is a nice savings, and healthier too. Haddock, romain salad, baked potato and a slice of fresh bread this evening.

Total today: $18 ($3 over budget)

Planning to gather "Stuff" to list on Craigslist, Ebay and Gazelle. Hoping to earn the $3, and then some, back before the evening is over. Going over budget is a great motivator to increase income-even if it is only $3. It's minding the small amounts that add up to large ones-whether leading into the black or the read.

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