Sunday, January 29, 2012

Minimize- What Clothing to Keep- The List

Minimize What Clothing to Keep- The List.
I have asked myself what clothing, and how much, do I really need to keep in order to function fabulously? I’ve gone through my closets (twice). Each time there have been multitudes of items tossed. Still I have too much. Even though I can hang everything up, it is still too much. What do I love to wear? Do you find yourself wearing the same items over and over again? I do. Even if I accessorize with different scarves, earrings, or necklaces I still reach for the same garments over and over again.
So I’m not going to choose which garments will remain in my mind right now—but I’m going to instead decide just how many of each I really need to keep. Then later this evening I’m going to go to the room and eliminate. I’m only allowing myself that many items to keep. I will have to <gulp> choose.
To Keep:
1.       Underwear- 12 pair.

2.       Blouses- 5

3.       Knee highs/trouser socks-  12 pair

4.       Jeans-5 GREAT pairs

5.       Khaki pants-2 Great Pair

6.       Black Dress pants-2 Great Pair

7.       T-shirts-8 (just b/c I won’t be able to decide, so it is between 5 and 10 )

8.       Dresses- 2

9.       Suits- 4

10.   Blazers/Dress Jackets- 10 (These are my favorite item, besides shoes.
**Nothing changes an outfit quicker than a different blazer and scarf.

11.   Workout clothes- No Limit!!! Just not ratty.

12.   Bras- 5 great bras. Toss the rest!

13.   PJ’s – 5 pair of PJs. Toss the rest!

14.   Shoes know no limits—not ready to go there yet ;)

Wish me well. I’m going in this evening. Limiting to the numbers will be hard at first. However, it will make decisions on what to wear, even that much easier in the end.
**Remember: When you bring in another item in a category, OUT goes the old. Remember to bless others if your cast off is still wearable and fashionable. There are those who do not even have the items on our limited list. Oh and if you have cute shoes in size 9.5 medium, send them my way…..that category for me is limitless J


  1. Love this list! I should probably make my annual sweep through my closet as well. :-)

  2. You're a brave, brave woman! ;) Going through my clothes & closet is actually my first Decluttering goal for February... I definitely need to purge, not looking forward to it! Good luck with yours!!

  3. Hawaii Planner- You are awesome for making an annual sweep I've never really done a deep down toss. I am in the middle of it right is ongoing...The list helps me to focus. I would really LOVE to throw it all out and start over purchasing quality garmets but just what is on the list. Wouldn't that be fun!

    Carla, It will take me until the end of February to accomplish it all...I've been doing it in steps. (Thinking about it I need to GET it DONE! Just interviewed for another job positon yesterday, so things are hectic here lately ;) All of the more incentive to get the clothing downsized. So much quicker to get ready. I found that out from the first go through from a month ago....but still more that has to go :) Blessings~