Sunday, January 8, 2012

Identifying witht the Shepherd.

Yesterday was the Feast of the Epiphany (Three Kings). We took down our Christmas Tree. It is always sad when it doesn't snow at least once when the tree is up. Onward to Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day!! Spring will be here before you know it! (....and it will be time for Florida weather)

Yesterday morning, at church, my 83 year old grandmother by my side, I looked into the manger scene like I have done for over 40 years. The same characters, the same images defined. "Who do you relate to?" I asked myself.  I still have the same response after all of these years.

"The Shepherd". The shepherd in our church's manger scene wears a colorful hat, vest and has sheep at his feet. The shepherd is the same after all of these years. He even has an instrument in his arms. I've never really personally related to the 3 kings bearing gifts, or even the holy family in the barn. I sometimes wish to be the king, or savior, but I'm beginning to understand that those are not my calling. They are not, or I would have related to them from the time of my youth.

I welcome the shepherd image. He is a leader, but not responsible for saving the world, only for the flock that he has been entrusted. I'd never noticed it before, but the shepherd was looking in the same direction as the 3 kings. Even though their paths, and eyes, don't cross...the shepard and the kings are both looking in the SAME direction, the savior, the Christ child. It makes sense doesn't it? As long as we are moving forward according to our purpose, having the best of material things doesn't much matter.

I think we should stop trying so hard to be something that we are not--and instead just be. Be the person that you were created to be. Stop and Be, and the doing won't be so hard.

Embrace the shepherd, or king. But just be happy being you.

HAPPY New Year! Here's to a life on purpose--Teaching another week of fitness classes at the gym, so excited!!

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