Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make from Scratch: Store and Save.

I went to our back guest room this morning. We keep all of our stockpile of shampoos, body washes, shaving creams, etc. They were all purchased for $0 - $1 a piece. Mostly free from CVS, Kmart, and Rite-Aid.  I have not needed any of those items, including toilet tissue for nearly 6 months! It's true. I almost forget how to accomplish the coupon matching...almost. It is time to stockpile once again. Cutting the coupons, and gathering the store flyers to find the best deals and incentives--i.e. Free Gas Card, Extra $ off for buying certain items, etc.

As I began searching the grocery store circulars, it dawned on me just how many of the items listed on the pages that could be made from scratch- for a fraction of the cost! Even the laundry detergent could be made from scratch for a huge savings!(We have done this in the past-must get back to it!) Start to think of what ingredients go into the items on the grocery shelves.

Then buy those original ingredient items:

Flour, Sugar, Butter, Rice, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, Grains, Beans, Spices, Herbs, Cocoa, Condiments, Meats, Fish, Cornmeal, Coffee Beans. 

You could make nearly everything with these staples. I liken it to a primary source or a secondary source--which do you subscribe to? Would you rather read an original, and create your own interpretation- or have it fed to you, even if it means that it doesn't resemble the original? You know what I'm saying? An apple is an original from the tree. A fried apple pie, from a fast food chain, is a far cry from the "original".

I'm beginning to "get" the idea of original food sources to stock the pantry with. We are thinking about getting our own grain mill. This way the flour is fresh, and from a variety of healthy grains, when making homemade bread, pasta, crackers and cereal.

Pack the pantry with originals, but don't waste what is alreay there. Use it up. Get creative. Then to the store for the staples, to create wholesome food from scratch. Enjoy. ~

P.S. Don't forget to visit our friends on Twitter hashtag #SundaySupper where they believe in the value of the Sunday family meal around the table.

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