Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Have you ever allowed time to slip by, just because you could?

Knowing full well that life would become hectic again, that things were currently unorganized, and that this was the moment to complete projects, downsize items, clean and streamline...yet still you remain on Pinterest thinking up ideas, frittering time away,  rather than doing something to create the space to actually accomplish what you see.

If you find yourself in the stage of " will get done tomorrow... I think I'll have a few more cookies and a cup of tea and then I'll get started..." STOP. Put down the cookie.  You don't have to get EVERYTHING done, but SOMETHING would be good. If you start, you will find that you may enjoy what you're doing. i.e. cleaning, exercising, cooking, errands, organizing, phone calls, etc.

So if one more cup of coffee has turned into afternoon teatime and you find that you are still in your pajamas at 2 pm. We all have had days like that. Time to get up and get started :)

"The best way to get something done is to begin. "~Author Unknown

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  1. We definitely all have these days... I find once I get going and get my chores accomplished I keep going because I'm on a roll! :)