Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1- September No Spend Challenge

“Understanding is more important than being understood.  Step back-with prayer and contemplation.”
Tammy Bennett
No Spending Month-September
Is there something to saving real money if you use real cash? (Not plastic Debit) 
  • Go to the ATM once.
  • Withdraw $105
  • Divide into 7 envelopes-$15 in each
  • Move excess from the day to the next day’s envelope
  • Borrow from the next envelope if it is a must.
  • Left over money at the end of the week is fair game. You earned it! Save, Spend or Give.
One key component to the 30 day no spend month is my “Fridge Tablet”.  Here is where we write the items that we need in the kitchen-milk, bread, butter and such. This way when it’s running low we see it every time that we open the fridge. Filling in the food staples and adding a gallon or two of gas in the car is what the $15 a day is for. The goal is to only use the cash however, not the checkbook, debit or credit cards.
There are many things that are left undone in our home. After 20 years of living in a space often times we walk past imperfections without even noticing them. On this the first day of the no spend month, along with saving, I’m opening my eyes to those things left undone. (Those that cost NOTHING to fix) Painting, De-cluttering, Baking, Gardening, and landscaping can be done with simple “elbow grease”.
Ø  $15 a day-15 items out the door.
Ø  Month of September GOAL: $1,000 saved-500 items GONE
Ø  100 more miles on the Bike-Run a 5k


  1. Great plan!! I never thought to split up the weeks budget day by day. I fill my jars weekly & live out of them! It definitely works!! Good luck! :)

  2. Carla, What is the name of your blog. I would love to add it to my blog roll..

  3. Wow, love your plan! It sounds like you have all of your categories covered! (I especially like the bike-run...100 miles?)

    This post also reminds me to keep going with my 1,000 item giveaway.

    Thank you!

  4. Last week we, the Pennsylvania Peddlers, rode our bikes 17.6 miles in the morning and 9 miles in the evening on the rails to trails--old railroad tracks turned into bike trails :) It was marvelous! That's where a lot of my photos on my FB page: came from.