Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rags to Riches

Sheets waiting to become a Rug

Crafting a handmade item is fun. It really is. Taking old sheets, and vintage tablecloths with holes, and then turning them into something else is a site to behold. Making something old new again is creativity at it's best. When we found the photo of the oval braided rug made out of unwanted materials like old sheets, it was certainly inspirational to me. Although I've only just begun to braid the strips together, already I'm seeing progress. The goal being a completed rug. I've no idea how long of a braid, or how large of a rug I will end up with. Or when I will have to begin the process of tearing more discarded sheets to make a new ball of material, but the journey to the finish line is an adventure. I'm sure enjoying watching it unfold. The first couple of twists that created the braid made me say: "Wow, this just might look great!" Seeing progress motivated me to continue.

Saving money, getting in shape, frugal living, scaling back on stuff, is all like that I believe. Taking something that was a certain way, maybe with "holes in it", and making it useful by reinventing it. Seeing progress motivates us to continue. Working towards a goal, even if there are modifications and detours, is better than not beginning at all. Every inch of the way is progress. A Penny in the coin jar, a bike ride in the afternoon, a clipped coupon for a needed item, discarding an item that we no longer need, that we've walked by 1,000 times, are ways to move towards our goals.

Braiding strips of material one inch at a time creates a rug. Making positive choices one at a time creates the good life.

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