Thursday, September 22, 2011

Raising Chickens

This is our first year with chickens. Peeps at Easter time, hand fed, lamp raised, chickens.

They were started in a Rubbermaid tub, graduated to a chicken tractor and now live in a hen house. No roosters, only hens.  We live in a town on not quite an acre.  So we use the trampoline, enclosed with flexible plastic chicken fencing to keep them on fresh grass. When they've eaten and fertilized a section we move the trampoline to a new section of grass, and replant the grass seed where it was bare.  You should see how lush the lawn is getting.

We compost the old bedding (shavings), kitchen vegetable scraps and coffee grounds.

The fresh eggs are fabulous and the personalities of the chickens are so cute to watch.  Continuing to learn, haven't gone through a winter with them yet, so any pointers left in the comments would be great.

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