Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not a Saver by Nature.

Not a minimalist by nature, nor am I a saver. I love to bargain shop and would prefer to have more closets than less.  However, Enough is Enough! Really.

I counted my designer purses purchased at consignment and thrift stores....."Do I REALLY NEED one in every label?"

So where does one begin to minimize and simplify? I'm thinking that it's by not bringing another item in unless parting with 2 items.  So if I bought 1 purse that I can't live without, it would mean parting with two that I already own.  Since I really like the ones that I currently own, I would have to LOVE the new one. (to get rid of 2)  These are just more self imposed rules that I think may motivate me into action.

Out of all of the shoes and purses that I own, I'll bet that I only wear and carry 3-4 out of the whole lot of them-the rest just sit there occupying space.  Same with my pans, silverware, china and drinking glasses.  So why are they still sitting there? Do I even like them? Did someone give them to me? I need to send what items are not in use, or loved, out the door. No longer a size 8? Only keep the flattering items.

It certainly won't get done in a day here.  We're just beginning to think about scaling back. We wanted 500 items gone this past month.  I think at times I counted broken rubber bands, empty shampoo bottles and dried ink pens.  This next month really needs to be more substantial designer purses.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of purses!! I think I have 4 or 5, and am thnking of selling 2! lol!

  2. I know :/ I just LOVE purses, shoes and jewelry. It isn't necessary though, is it? My husband thinks I should sell mine too. I mean you can only carry one at a time...although I have put the coach wristlet inside the Dooney and Bourke when I didn't have time to change it, and needed something in black instead of brown :/ I do want to simplify. Would like to lose 20-30 lbs too. Missing the size 8.