Friday, September 30, 2011

What's on Your Checklist?

Daily Checklist-Keeping Goal Oriented One Check at a time
(1)         List on Ebay/etsy                                                  O
(2)         Write-Tweet-Blog                                                 O
(3)         Exercise-Outdoors-Fit tv-Walk-jog-Bike           O    
(4)         Dinner from Scratch                                             O       
(5)         Clean Indoors ½ hour                                          O
(6)         Yard work-Outdoors ½ hour                               O
(7)         Drink 8 glasses of water                                      O
(8)         Eat less fat and sugar-more vegetables            O
(9)         Write down ALL expenses                                   O
(10)    Have Meaningful Conversation                             O
Gather your thoughts. Get a pencil, and list 10 items that absolutely need to become a part of your routine. (Pencils have erasers) Print out your sheet. Put one on the fridge, mirror, or vanity where you can see it every day. Simply check it off. It is only 10 items. We can do it.


  1. a 10 item daily list...LOVE this idea! that would make new habits seem more doable, and checking off is soo satisfying. thanks!!

  2. Thanks. I look at the 1/2 hour of cleaning indoors that I listed and I thought geez that's not really that long.....but nothing says we can't do more right? :) So satisfying to check off. I love your blog and am linking it to mine. Your food looks delicious! Blessings~

  3. I really love this idea and forgot to comment yesterday, but I linked you up today! :) Take a peek!