Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Spend Challenge-Final 3 days

          "Traveling to LBI to Watch the Fishing Boats bring in their Catch." ~Tammy
4th week of the No Spend Challenge. Running out of necessary items in the cupboards and fridge. We still have plenty in the freezer. The notepad on the fridge reads:
  • cream cheese
  • coffee
  • water
  • cheddar cheese
  • mozzarella
  • milk
  • bread
  • popcorn
...and the list gets longer the more I look for missing items. I guess that it wasn't going to stay full for ever. 

Do you think it may be possible to up the envelopes to $20 and still not go for a full load of groceries? Just to continue to replenish the "Fridge pad list" purchase only the items needed, and not just buy boxed items that are "on sale". Sometimes coupons are fantastic, but other times I really believe that I don't need another tube of toothpaste (when I already have 15) if it is going to cost me even .25 cents. A good deal if we're not going to use an item, or it is going to cost us for convenience (Boxed pre-packaged) when double the amount could be made for cheaper from scratch.

Is it possible to save on utilities? How much does it cost when a light is left on all day? Are there alternative routes to the utilities that we now use? Wondering if we could have a November of Little House on the Prairie style living.....candles, lanterns, limited electricity computer time....more activities outdoors. How much would that save? Does anyone use a drying rack instead of an electric dryer?

Going to the shore soon to watch the fishing boats bringing in their catch, while contemplating the answers.....
  • October -Downsize closets and dressers. Continue with Envelope System $20 Day
  • November-Little House Experiment-Bake all snacks from scratch, limited electric.


  1. If you can bake, you could cross bread off your list to save money. Do you mind if I ask why you buy water? Is the drinking water not good where you're from? I think a "Little House on the Prarie" experiment would be great! I try to cook/bake most things from scratch as it tastes much better & saves a bundle of money usually. Good luck this month, I really enjoy reading your blog!!

  2. Oh Carla, our water used to be marvelous here. We received it from a mountain spring, about 7 years ago the area switched us, and now it is horrible! I do go to my parents for well water (guess I've been lax on that-should drive there and get it)I do have a bread machine. Just that my son prefers "store bought"...I'm going to make a loaf today :)

    I REALLY want to persevere in this! Needs seem to be coming at us from everywhere...stones for the driveway,new suit for my husband....However every $1 in the emergency fund counts....even if it is less than what was anticipated. :/