Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Price Differences-When to buy?

"If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone."--Benjamin Franklin


Do you know the rock bottom price that you have paid for an item? Would you recognize a magnificent deal if you came across one, or are you in such a hurry that you just go into the store, buy the brand you like and get out because you're tired and you still have laundry to do when you get home?

I've been in both scenarios, but being in the place of where you have a surplus, so that you can wait on your rock bottom price is fantastic! The laundry detergent pictured here on top of my washer was purchased for $1.50 a piece. While at the store today I meandered over to the detergent section to discover that detergent is $5.99 - on sale!! Just this one item purchased at the rock bottom price was $4.49 cheaper!!! That amount multiplied over the course of a year at 2 bottles a month is an average savings = $107.76 just on that one item!!! Imagine if every item that you purchased were configured that way. That you would be able to save ½ to 1/3 of your money that was slipping through the cracks due to disorganization or simple lack of time.

I've been pondering this.....what are the benefits of buying at rock bottom prices, not even including coupons, which would multiply the savings further... Is it possible when working a full time job to accomplish the no spend challenge and buying  in bulk? I think it is. Actually once there is a stockpile, one can simply shop at home from the discounted surplus, rather than running to the store and paying full price.

What are your rock bottom prices? Post a comment to continue the list. I'll start:

  1. Laundry Detergent $1.50
  2. Bathroom Tissue $ 4.00 for 12 double roll (sometimes with 2 bonus rolls)
  3. Toothpaste Free
  4. Shampoo .25cents
  5. Flour (10lb) $1.59
  6. Seasoned pork loin $1.67 total for 1.5 lb
  7. Chicken breast .99 cents lb
It was one said by Benjamin Franklin that a penny saved is worth a penny earned, however many influential individuals now claim that a penny saved is worth 2 earned! Taxes and other expenses factor into the reality that it has never before been more important to save.

Please add to the rock bottom price list above by commenting on the post. I'll update our list to reflect our common list.


  1. Honestly, I've NEVER seen prices like that here! I wish! Let me think... Rock bottom here would be $2.99 for off-brand laundry soap, $.99 for a can of pasta sauce or a 900g. Bag of pasta, $2.99 for Kraft cheese slices, $3.99 for a bag (4L.) of milk, $1.00 for a loaf of bread....

  2. .99 cent pasta sauce isn't bad. We have Amish grocery stores here. Sort of dented can store, where things are utlra inexpensive. Though we have a store called ALDI that has many deals and loss leaders are always in every flyer for the typical grocery store.
    Have you ever made your own pasta? I'm really considering it! Thinking I could make a variety of ravioli for much less and could make a mucho amount to freeze. Looking for a pasta maker at the thrift stores

  3. LATE commenting here....better late than never, huh? I don't buy laundry detergent anymore...I make it and LOVE it more than my old standbys!

    I also have recently started making my own pasta...w/o a fancy maker. I use a rolling pin, flour, water, and various herds and spices. It is SOOO yummy and easy!

  4. Hi Joy,

    I'm really interested own how you make your own pasta! Please post me the recipes :) I would LOVE it! This is something that I have wanted to do for my family for some time. Do you make ravioli too?

  5. I follow a blog that I have used TONS of recipes from...because she is all about simple! I bought her e-cookbook for little of nothing (less than $5, I think). here's the link to her pasta recipe:
    When I make it, I will sometimes add an egg to the flour. I also add spices such as garlic powder, Italian Seasoning, Parsley flakes, etc. My pasta comes on in all kinds of funky shapes but it is AMAZINGLY good! Hubby even loves it!

    *I *think* I have a pic of some I made on my blog. I'll go check!

  6. Here is the link to a pic of my homemade pasta with cheese sauce!