Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meaningful Work Outside of the Home

I've worked in higher education, while earning my degrees, and raising children, over the last 15 years. Recently, I began to apply for full time positions. I was offered, and accepted, a terrific full-time job at an outstanding university! Full-time for me, Mom, is new to our family.

When I began this blog of Frugal Abundance I asked the question of more time or more money? Is it possible to be frugal minded when it is not a necessity to be so? Save, Share and Spend are the motivating factors for us when we are blessed with more. Avoiding the frivolous and wasteful spending of $10 a day lunches (which I have been doing) is something to focus improving on. Automatic savings deductions taken from the pay are also a great way to save. Setting up a scholarship, or other means of giving, will make you feel invested in the work that you are doing. Giving is its own reward.

Then there is the outstanding debt. For us it is student loans and what remains of the mortgage. Over the next few months we hope to make progress on both of them, with the goal to pay off both in half of the time.

Join us here at the Blog as we journey into Saving, Spending and Sharing responsibly in the coming months ahead.

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