Friday, May 4, 2012


Have you ever been told to wait? Or Been in the situation where you had to wait? It conjures up feelings, that word, doesn't it?


The anticipation of what is coming gives one an uneasy feeling. Wait for what?

Even if we realize what it is that we think we are waiting for, it takes a certain amount of patience and faith to wait with grace. Often times we fill that space of waiting with distractions, frivolous time wasters, or worse. Is it possible to understand the true meaning of what it means to wait?

Take a conversation. One person talks, while the other listens. Then there is a response from the listener. The back and forth goes on in the conversation, and there is ultimately an understanding that happens.

What if one person continuously talked, never offered a response, and didn't listen? That person, it could be said, has never learned to wait. Sometimes the greatest gifts are discovered in the listening.

The waiting.

Don't be so quick to fill the spaces in between.

It is in the pauses between the notes in which great music is made, the empty spaces around the paint on the canvas that images in art are developed, and in the quiet moments of waiting where we are given direction in our lives.~

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