Monday, May 7, 2012

Satisfaction + Gratitude = Abundance

Getting back to the basics of abundant living. Satisfaction + Gratitude= Abundance

I really believe the equation above says it all. It matters not how much you have-whether a little or a lot. I have been contemplating purchasing a new car if I get a new job. Why? Do I have the cash for this vehicle? Or can I simply afford the payments now-and not the purchase price in total. Why not save for a new car with the extra money from my new job? Why not be satisfied, with gratitude, until I have saved for a new purchase? Why go in debt? Make payments? Why do we do this...

The reminder of what abundance truly is-never more important than when you have a small (or large) surplus. Let's look up the definitions according to Webster's online

a: fulfillment of a need or want b: the quality or state of being satisfied: contentment  c: a source or means of enjoyment  

a: appreciative of benefits received


An ample quantity

We are in charge of what is "enough". Save, Spend, Share from the abundance that we have been given. Take care of what we have been blessed with. Not begrudging it.

Satisfaction + Gratitude = Abundance

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