Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Resource Wednesday.

Resource Wednesday:
Magazines, Websites, and Blogs.
We all love the latest news, fashion, and food magazines-But some of them command a hefty price.  Our local post office has a magazine exchange box in the lobby. (Thanks Shelly!) It ROCKS!~ Everything from Family Circle to ESPN will show up in the bin.  I usually read them and take them back to recycle for the next person to read.  Online journaling and magazines are on Face book and Twitter where if you like and follow you can get the latest information right to you newsfeed. Like one today! Here’s a list of my favorites:
1.        Mary Jane’s Farm:
2.       Shape Magazine:
3.       Budget Traveler:
4.       Mary Engelbreit:
5.       Crockpot Girls:
6.       Money Saving Secrets Blog:
Another AWESOME idea are Newspapers online. Some of the most interesting newspapers are going to be the ones in your own back yard. Do a search online and find the best sites that will give you the information to lead to a more blissful life.
“I’ve never made a mistake. I’ve only learned from experience.”
Thomas A. Edison

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