Friday, August 19, 2011

Preparing for the September "No Spend Month" : Stocking the Staples.

Speaking of wants vs. needs….Laundry Detergent and Toilet Paper certainly fall into the needs category in my world. J This week Purex laundry detergent met my rock bottom price list sheet at $1.49 a bottle with a .50 coupon.  (or $1.99 with no coupon).  Toilet tissue was $4.99 for 12 double rolls! (plus marked packages had 20% more for the same price!) Why do I get excited about these prices? Shouldn’t I just go to the store and buy it when I need it? Doesn’t 10 packages of T.P. clutter my house? Or 16 bottles of Purex make my shelves too heavy?
Gathering non-perishable items at their rock bottom prices is the only way to prepare for a no spend month! The regular price of Purex is $5.99. Therefore the savings on one bottle is $4. If you buy 16 bottles that’s a $64 savings!! The same with toilet tissue when it is half off!!! It won’t go bad, and you have it handy. I am now stocked up until after Christmas!
I have decided that I will be buying some things in bulk. Flour, potatoes, onions, rice and yeast are some of the things that I would like to store in bins. Buying these items in bulk will save immensely! Think about how much we pay for prepackaged flavored rice! $1.49 a pkg. You can make the same for .25 cents! Is it easier to just buy it? Yes. Does it take THAT much longer to just make it yourself? No. Pocket the $1.24 savings for something fun for you or your family! ($1.24 adds up quickly J ) Or use it to get out of debt. The point is you’ll find that you have extra $ for only a few more minutes of your time. Nine chances out of ten you’ll be eating better too!
I must hit the produce auction in one of our small towns. The farmers come to sell their surplus in bulk to those of us eagerly waiting to bid. The items go for less than at the farmers market, and it blesses me with the opportunity to freeze for the winter!
So in summary: No need for laundry detergent, Toilet Tissue, or fruits and vegetables until January. The chickens are laying eggs and my own vegetables, apples, grapes, and raspberries are coming on strong in the yard. Life is Good.

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