Monday, March 19, 2012

Regional Food

Have you ever gone to a different region of the country and eaten something out of your comfort zone?

Most people associate peanuts with a crunch. On the other hand, we look forward each spring to trying some "boiled peanuts". An old Florida staple, boiled peanuts are a fantastic regional food. I had cajun spiced boiled peanuts this trip. They were great. You can see venders set up across the south at roadside stands. I once saw a person selling them from an old keg filled with boiling water and peanuts, set up on a burner along the road. I purchased mine from a roadside fruit stand along with honey stix and a sample of valencia oranges.

Our trip down to Florida is a relaxing and a much needed adventure every March. We drove out on Merritt Island near the Kennedy Space Center where we got to see dozens of Alligators sunning themselves along the road. My husband and son then golfed with the "gators" as they lay in the water on the golf course at the Cocoa Beach country club. They thought better of retrieving their golfballs from the tall grasses and water after seeing the first 8ft gator resting in the sunshine.

Cocoa Beach was sunny and 82 degrees when we visited. I remember the 1960's television show that was located on Cocoa Beach-"I Dream of Jeannie". There is a street located there with that name. Major Nelson's house was located there. Sitting on the pier one can sit and reflect with the ocean breezes blowing and the smell of coconut oil filling the air.

But mostly I loved the "boiled peanuts", an old Florida favorite. A regional food that is an aquired taste for northerners, or a staple of the natives. Never visit without trying honey stix and "boiled nuts"

What regional food comes from your area? What have you tried that is "different" while on the road?

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  1. Just your talking of "gators" makes me shudder.. ugh! I remember when I was in FL. and they were everywhere... they scare the heck out of me.. ick!!

    As for anything local foodwise, I can't really think of anything unfortunately! :(