Friday, January 13, 2012

The Answer.

                                     Why Do you Write?

A Question that was asked recently. I've been giving it a lot of thought. At first it shook me up, like, I don't know why I write? Further, why am I writing, in the sense of, maybe I shouldn't be..

I came up with some ideas that mattered to me: Food, Fitness, and Fun. Then I asked, how do I want to live? With Abundance, was the answer. So I took my journals online, and named the hastily thrown together blog- Abundance: Frugality, Food, Fitness and Fun.

That was all of the more thought that was put into it. Then while online I began to learn from other like minded Frugal friends, or those who were raising chickens, beginning exercise programs, or attending fun events for free. This gave me a sense of understanding and support. Learning new information about living with less, being on a budget, eating healthy delicious food while having fun is amazing! So I continued.

Today, in addition to those reasons above, I write because I think I've formed a habit. You know our habits, those things that we repeatedly do over and over that become who we are. If we eat right, exercise and budget we will be healthy, wealthy and wise. Habits can be good. We all know the bad ones that we sometimes read about or may even experience in our own world. However, making a choice, a singular decision, opens the door to a new habit.

I write because it keeps me accountable, on track. I don't have it all together, and all of my goals are not met. We are human, so I would imagine, that we will continue to strive towards attaining all of our goals--But we can live abundantly right now.

I write. There doesn't have to be a reason. Sometimes it feels great to be enjoying the present moment. Having enough =Abundance.

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