Saturday, January 14, 2012

Minimizing: Self and Stuff

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit."--Aristotle

I want to minimize.
                        To reduce.
                                        Stuff and Self.

This is my pep talk to me. It is easy to sit and think about doing a scale down of the closets and hips, but it is quite another to actually do it! I have been sitting here sipping coffee having wonderful conversation, taking notes and making lists all morning long.....all the while the day awaits.

Do List. (Doesn't that sound much more powerful than "To Do"?)

1. Finish the bedroom closets. Be brave. Empty more than two boxes. Get it (gulp) ALL done. Especially those items that no longer fit, or those that don't make me feel like a million bucks. Just Chuck it! or Donate it! Today is the day. Don't say: "Well I might need this for....or when..." GONE!

2.Sit down with spouse to go over budget. Get him on board. Get it Done. $400 savings goal.

3.Break out the brand new KitchenAid. Find a recipe and make something. Why is it just sitting there lonely on the counter with the instructions in the bowl? I wanted it so badly, but there it just sits.

3. Exercise-Light jog. Then pampering and rest. Yes, it is work to actually take the time to soak your feet, paint your nails, or put the heating pad on your shoulders.

"Do it"

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit."--Aristotle


  1. Love the goals! Have you started any of them yet? :) Let us know how you do!!

  2. That's quite the "do list."

    breaking into new habits is hard. Good luck. I hope you are successful.

  3. Carla- I have my entire closet organized. Rid myself of more stuff from there- but I still have lots (way too many) shoes, purses, and jewelry. I never made it to my drawers. (maybe this weekend) Fitness is going AWESOME! I'm on track to teach 6 Fitness classes at the gym this week (taught 3 so far). Ruined my diet for the day by breaking out the KitchenAid-made chocolate chip cookies :/ The Mr. Likes the idea of the budget. Just the idea of it. Not sure. I think that's going well :) How have you been. You keep me inspired over on your blog--Love it!

    Shaun- Thanks! Have been diligently working towards creating new habits so that it isn't so difficult to accomplish ;)

  4. Hee, Hee...I have a pile of purses like that! It's my weakness...

    Good luck on all of your goals!!!