Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food, Fitness and Fun


We have taken the Nutrisystem challenge. At first I ate only the three meals that came with the plan, plus the 2 daily snacks that were in included. However after a few weeks of diligently following this regime my husband lost 13 lbs and I was stalled at 4lbs. What is wrong with that picture?

So I contacted the company, and they told me I wasn't eating enough! Not enough? I thought restricted calories would be better, not worse! So I had to eat 5-6 times a day. I have yet to eat all of the food that the nutrisystem plan suggests. I keep trying daily, but I have, so far, fallen short.  The 3 meals are no problem, they are very delicious for the most part too! The water intake is a little short, I should be drinking more. It is the vegetables, dairy and protein that are an issue. I need to try and fit those in, when they are prescribed to keep my metabolism running high, says nutrisystem. So this week (yesterday) I did well. I checked everything off, except for 2 items. Time will tell. In week 2 of 9 weeks of exercise to lose 20 lbs. I feel terrific! Just haven't lost any more than 4 lbs.


This has been an AWESEOME year of exercise so far! I began with a New Year's Eve Resolution run. The 5 K had me feeling that I could do that again, and improve my time too! So signing up for another in February I will continue to run daily. Yesterday, I ran with the dog. She made it 2 miles!!! This is a pup that couldn't run more than 5 minutes on Black Friday. Today she is holding her own after 25 minutes!!! She is getting in great shape, and i feel so good about it! She still looks a little bit like a meatball, but her collar is getting loose. So I know she is losing some. I am adding a 5:30 am workout 3 times a week to boost my metabolism in the morning. The Couch to 5 K program sure jump started me on my way--I sure recommend giving it a try.


Everyone is excited about the trip to Hawaii in 2013. Using Southwest Airlines and Priority Club Rewards points to fund the majority of the trip, it is encouraging to know that we can use the program for items that are perpetual to earn even more points towards travel. Even home electric earns points. Still trying to figure out who the partners with the loyalty programs are. Hoping to add those that we already use, like internet, cable and other utilities. We don't want to spend more to get points, but it would be foolish to not earn points for those items that we are already using.

January 2012 is a good month. Staying on focus is always the challenge. However, it sure has been effortless and a lot of fun this New Year! Hope you are having a similar time of it ~

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