Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Egg Timer Cleaning Challenge

 EGG Timer Cleaning.

PART 1 (11 am)

You can accomplish a lot when you know you only have to clean something for 20 minutes! One room at a time, 20 minutes in each space. On your mark, get set…..GO!
If we were being timed to see how much food we could put into a shopping cart for FREE, and given only 20 minutes to do it, we would clean off the shelves!! Let’s approach our homes this way in regards to cleaning.

How long does it really take to vacuum the stairs? Make the bed? Throw in a load of laundry? If you hustled you just might be able to do all three in 20 minutes ;) Just think if you stayed in one room, instead of trying to go to the laundry room, kitchen, and bedroom within the 20 minute span.
Motivated by my brand new handy dandy Rooster Egg Timer, that I purchased from the Thrift Store for .29 cents- I am setting it for 20 minutes a room.

20 minutes. That’s it. How much cleaning  can you get done in 20 minutes??

(Be Back to report)

PART 2 (3 PM)

We have two staircases in our old house. Vacuum both sets in 20 minutes was the goal. Set the timer, and began the challenge. It went FAST!! I knew the timer was ticking so I hustled. (I kind of got a workout too lol) It took just over 15 minutes. Not too bad.
The dishes needed done. We have a portable dishwasher (did I mention our house is huge, and old). Goal unload and reload the dishwasher, attach it and press start. Also, clean out the sink. 20 minute goal. I did this in 12 minutes….12 minutes!!! Really?? That is all the longer it takes? Blessed with an extra 13 minutes between the two tasks, I moved on to the laundry.

20 minutes to Take from the dryer, put into the basket, put the wet in the dryer, insert a new load, fill detergent, press start. Fold laundry, take it to each bedroom. (maybe put it away….see mine usually sits on the bed folded….must break that habit…so adding put away) My egg timer went off before I was done with the laundry. If I didn’t take it upstairs and left it in the basket, then I would’ve made it ;)  However, that’s not the point…and I did have banked minutes… maybe I need ½ hour to do a load of laundry from separation, loading, washing, drying, folding and putting away. (assuming there are dried clothes in the dryer to be folded-wet in the washer)
Now this morning as I type this post on egg-timer cleaning, I look around the room to discover that it is time to do it all over again. Egg-timer cleaning is a daily challenge. Clothes are worn daily, dishes are re-used, and the vacuum needs run. Daily. An egg-timers work is never done.

Time for the challenge.

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