Monday, February 6, 2012

The Town Clock

When I was a little girl it was fun to play on the back porch of my aunt's house in the middle of the summer. We would tell stories, sing songs, catch fireflies, and swing on the porch swing until we were sleepy.

That is when I noticed it for the first time...the glow of the town clock at dusk, from the stoop of my aunt's porch. It was the color of a full moon, high in the tower of the church steeple. Sure and strong it stood, keeping time. Tick, tock. It is still there today, although I haven't gazed at it long enough to notice if it is still keeping time. Many from those days years ago are no longer with us....but the amber glow of the round clock tower up in sky remains. It reminds me of the stories, fireflies, porch swings and what is truly important in life-family memories.

I haven't looked long enough to see if it still keeps time. (or even lights up like the moon) I think it's time I slowed down enough to notice.

* Dinner around a family table is time welll spent
* Play a board game with your children-you will never regret it
* Ride a bike, go for a walk, swing on a swing with your spouse
* Visit your old restaurant
* Get outdoors-even to just sit in a hammock, chair or back porch step

Take time to notice the little things....because the little things are where memories are made, and a lifetime is formed. We are blessed, truly blessed.

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