Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3- $15 a day Challenge

                          "Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is Day 3. I'm just back from the early morning workout at the gym. I did not particularly want to go this morning. It is cold, it snowed over the weekend, and the coffee smelled like it wanted to be carried to the comfy chair--not out the door to the treadmill.

I went. I actually drove through the parking lot with the intention of going back home rather than parking. That's right, I drove all of the way to the gym and considered not staying....but I did, and I feel better for it!

The month long $15 a day challenge sometimes feels like this to me too! I have my envelopes, $15 in each for the week, my intentions are there......but then the Dairy Queen opens, or a child needs gas money, I want to go to the thrift shop (Why? To bring more stuff into the house? When I'm trying to downsize!) or Valentine's Day arrives and I feel obligated to buy a card, candy or both.  My response to all of the above and more is NO! Just say NO! If it fits within the $15 a day, and there is ample food for the table, gas in the work car, and all of the necessary items are accounted for...then maybe--but not until! Like getting dressed driving to the gym, and wanting to not on a self imposed cash budget takes intention. It isn't enough to put the cash in the envelopes, and then not follow through on a daily basis. I may not see immediate results from this morning's workout--but I will feel it! I think the envelope system, $15 a day, works the same way. I may not see immediate results, but I will feel it immediately.

Day 3. I gave $12 towards the family gas fund. Anyone have an electric car? Is it worth it? A lot of money is put out in the gas tank in our home.

We have a $3 surplus for the day. So we are up to a $5 and change surplus for the week so far. It is a silly amount in the grand scheme of things. However, if I can store up savings from $15 a day by managing it well by making that my focus I will never touch the larger balance left in the bank. Just like food, it is portion controlled. Pre-packaged in envelopes with $15.

So far so good. Day 3 was a success.

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