Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day #7- $15 a Day Challenge

Today is Day number 7. The 7th day of the $15 a day challenge. I did fabulous until day 5. I still had cash money in the envelopes until then. Then I needed more than a few things from the grocery store. Who thought we would go through the drinks: Milk, water, juice and coffee like we did. While at the store I picked up dishwasher liquid and dog food. This cut into day 6 cash as well- but we still haven't touched the balance in the bank-still using cash only.

Then yesterday I simply did what one shouldn't do <gulp> I went through a drive-thru. I wasted money for convenience. It was really a matter of having to be 2 places at once, having to feed the family, and making it to the 3rd place all in a matter of 15 minutes. So I used the rest of day 6, and day 7 money.....and now I have today to get through with no cash or reserves for the week.

The lesson here is be prepared. Eating out wastes money. It does. Make sandwiches in advance, or carry snacks in the car like granola bars, pretzels, and mints. This might have held us over until we were able to get home to make a meal. (I know the crock pot is my friend, but I was running 10 minutes behind in the morning). How do working Mom's do it? I'm so used to having as much time as I need to bake from scratch, cook with ingredients from the pantry and generally take my time. Being rushed to get it all done, in time to meet every one's needs is a skill. Doing it without the drive-thru is a talent. 

Today, I have no more cash in the envelopes. Today I cook from the pantry and make do. Tomorrow the envelopes replenish and we begin again. Here's to hoping for a surplus from the cash stash next week.


  1. It's so hard sometimes though isn't it?! I was hoping to save $560 this month for our gifts budget, but it's not going to happen. :( I did manage $400, so at least that's something! Good luck next week!! :)

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