Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 2 - $15 a Day Challenge

Today is Saturday. The Saturday before Valentine's Day. Many of my friends are going "out" in celebration. It is hard to go "out" on $15-So we are improvising. I made a pan of meatballs in the cast iron skillet, along with a large pot of speghetti. A lovely side salad of romaine, with parmesean and light dressing. A movie from the local library for free. The promise of popcorn later this evening, as we watch Saturday Night Live. The pup, Miss CHANEL, is curled up next to my chair, and we are super content to watch the snow fall outside of our window.

Would I have  liked to have gotten dressed up and gone out..maybe. However, being content, and still staying on the $15 challenge is way more satisfying. We are planning for our vacation today as well. We love to travel. Traveling on a budget, and finding ways to go for low cost, or free, is what makes it all of the more satisfying. Storing up extra cash while on the $15 a day challenge, allows us to travel more without as much concern.

We did really well today-day 2 of the $15 a day challenge. We have a $5.28 surplus. Since we went over $3 yesterday we are only $2.28 ahead for the week. I did organize the house today and found many items to put on Ebay. Planning to list this evening and watch them sell. This will go directly into the emergency fund. How much is in your emergency fund? We would like to have ours built back up before we leave on vacation. Day #2 was a success.

Happy Valentine's Day weekend- We are enjoying ours on $15 today :)


  1. Well, I would say that sounds like a lovely evening! Dinner and movie without ever leaving the house? I LOVE that. I'll look forward to your days of spending $15 or less!

  2. Good job! Vday is my birthday but hubby works, I'm actually going to see Star Wars in 3D with my BFF & oldest dd. lol! Romantic right?! ;)

  3. Thanks Sharon. :) It was a lovely weekend. We got quite a bit of snow so it was cozy. (plus we didn't break the budget)

    Carla, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tomorrow!!! Seeing Star Wars in 3D sounds like a lot of fun! We have some movie passes that we won on the radio-- that actually might be a nice thing to do tomorrow for us. Thanks for the idea :) (Not sure what is playing here though...will have to take a look) Blessings~