Friday, October 14, 2011

Update: 31 Day Checklist and Healthy Eating

Last Night, after dinner, my husband turned and said to me in all seriousness: "We need to eat less grease." We had cheesesteaks and white rice. (I didn't make pasta, my intentions were good, but it never happened.) My reply was quick, and to the point. Yes, I agree.

Having always been an exerciser, it has never been an issue. The metabolism seemed to take care of the calories from the energy that was spent in exercise. No more. Healthy and fit are the new mantra. This morning I did not have sugar in my coffee. I used PURE maple syrup instead. We are not going to fry foods, instead we will bake. No more white flour, instead I'll be using sprouted flour. I discovered Essential Eating with Janie Quinn. It is a fantastic site and very informative. I went to one of her classes on whole foods and essential eating several years ago, but it didn't last more than a fews days...I claimed it was a lack of time.

This time feeling better is the motivation. More energy and hopefully droppinga few pounds. I don't claim to be a food expert, only a Mom who has realized that simply drinking some water, and following a checklist for 2 weeks, has invigorated me! I think I'm ready to change the food that we eat as a family. I'm not sure if it will be less costly, in fact I'm expecting that it may cost more. However, cooking from scratch, even when purchasing more expensive sprouted flour and pure maple syrup, has got to be less expensive that eating out.

In order to not set myself up for complete failure, I am doing this for two weeks. The 31 day check list is going fantastic! The cash envelope system for our daily expenses is in place. It is time to try Sprouted Flour, and Pure Maple Syrup to replace refined sugar and white flour. Gosh I could eat a Spinach Salad. Sounds like lunch! Please share your whole food experiences. I am so new at this, and I am VERY interested to learn.

Please check out Essential Eating with Janie Quinn for more Information on Sprouted Flour and Maple Syrup:

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