Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frugality, Fitness and Fun

Only leaving out the 'food' part of Food, Fitness, Frugality and Fun today....

Since exercise has become so important and central this week, and I've been faithful each day to working out, I have SO Much energy! It is exciting how much I can get accomplished in a day not being tired! (at all) The Couch to 5K program has been a blessing. Five minutes of walking, 60 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of brisk walking, alternating to 60 seconds of jogging again. This continues for 20 minutes for the first week. (I have also been doing 20 minutes eliptical and 20 minutes of weight training)

Frugality is Fun, but we'll keep the two topics separate here :) The pantry has become a little sparce after the September No Spend challenge. However, there are items that should be used or tossed. There is a key lime pie cheeseball from Pampered Chef, that I don't ever remember purchasing....should I just toss it? Or give it a whirl? Other items like horseradish dip mix, and alot of canned milk that I'm not even sure are in date anymore... It will feel fantastic to clear all of this out. Even though it may be wasteful to toss an item, if it is not going to be used, or can't be given away, it shouldn't be given a place in the pantry.

Fun is really my new focus. Life is so full of opportunities! For example, I'd only heard of Etsy just recently, and I know that I really love making handcrafts, so when it was brought up that I should open a store I thought it may be a perfect fit. There are a lot of questions that I still have before I would open the doors of a store, but I did come up with a name :)  "Abundant Harvest Creations" I may actually list some things after I become a little more comfortable with the whole process. Kind of exciting, and fun.

Blessings, you are all so great! I appreciate your taking the time to stop by the blog :)


  1. Great job on the exercise!! It's a wonderful way to relax & unwind! I really want to get back into YOGA again... I need something that's not going to make me lose weight, so yoga fits the bill! ;)

    What handmade items do you make? Easy is easy to use, just time consuming sometimes is all... I used to have a shop but prefer custom orders because I simply don't have the time to fill up my shop & keep it replenished.

    Ps - I'd toss the cheese ball... I'd hate to bite into it & find out it was a "no go"! lol!

  2. Carla, Thanks- :)
    The exercise has me a little sore today, so some yoga for stretching sounds wonderful for me today too.

    I love making wreaths and floral arrangements. We actually used to go to the local flea markets and craft shows when the kids were small-but I haven't done it in years. What was in your Etsy shop?

    My husband actually told me to toss everything that was left, we are at the end of the pantry supplies. So ...he agrees with you...time to toss and wipe down the shelves and go to the store. I've got all of the coupons on my lap right now thinking about my strategy. Only want to get what we need. :)