Monday, October 3, 2011

Discipline and the 10 Item Daily Checksheet

-If you look at the word you sort of think "Hard Work", at least I do.  What does the word discipline mean to you?

Lacking discipline creates a gap in what we intend to do, and what actually gets done. They just don't match up.  That's why I think that the Top 10 Daily Checklist is so important.  You create goals and set the bar at the level that you think you can succesfully accomplish. 1/2 an hour of indoor cleaning isn't much, but if done daily and consistantly it adds up to 3.5 hours a week.  1/2 an hour gets me a check mark of accomplishment for the day.  Crunches and push-ups may not seem like a "real work-out" but if done faithfully everyday, 10 push-ups= 70 push-ups for the week.  They only take 2 minutes to do, so it's not a lack of time for anyone.

It's simply a matter of discipline. Even if we aren't feeling motivated, the checklist offers the opportunity to remain disciplined. Consider creating your own Daily Checklist of 10 Goals to Accomplish, or take a look at mine under the post "checklist".

Enjoy the October Day!

"It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through." --Zig Ziglar

PS I've tossed 32 items today so far.....


  1. I really love this idea & am implementing it today! I plan on posting my "Top 10" on my blog tomorrow! :)

  2. You are right! It is a matter of discipline! Thanks for visiting and for the sweet comment on my Fall thrifty finds! I still have to finish the mantel!

  3. Carla, Can't wait to read your top 10! I drank 1 bottle of water so far this morning. (7 more to go) Doing dishes, laundry and planning on taking apart and cleaning the stove this afternoon. (so 1/2 hour of cleaning done) It's kind of fun ;)

  4. Veronica, Looking forward to your post on the finished mantel. Your thrift shop finds were great! I think I need to go to our spare room and search in the closet for more of my fall decorations...I have a jackolantern somewhere. :)

  5. When I hear discipline, I think continual hard work. Repetition. Which is not my favorite, at all.

  6. Lindsey, I think of "continual hard work" too, that's why I love the short 10 item checklist :) It's sort of fun, and gives me such satisfaction checking off the items. So far today I've had meaningful conversation, cleaned 1/2 hr, drank 1 bottle of water (I think it's time for another), I'm working on a blog post, and may get a bike ride in before the sun disappears again. I like the checklist as a fun reminder of my daily intentions. Thanks so much for stopping by :)