Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Photos in Blog and Faith

I still can not see the photos in my blog. Not exactly sure why? However, it got me to thinking about the need to "see" things before we "do" them. Posting, without knowing what my post looks like, takes a bit of Faith. (Sort of like curling your hair, and putting on make-up in the dark with no mirror) I have to trust that it will be alright if no photo shows up, or if one is too large, or too small while hoping it will be as it's supposed to be.

We aren't guaranteed the outcomes, or opportunities...but if we act on Faith in every moment, then we're moving forward. Typing my blog, knowing I can't see what it looks like, and that everyone else can, could stop me from posting at all. Or I could have Faith that it will work out.

It really is the same with our incomes, homes, and the cars we drive don't you think? We aren't guaranteed the opportunities or the outcomes of each. But we can choose to have Faith and do the best with what we've been given.

Checklists, downsizing all of the stuff in our lives, exercising, and eating right are choices. It has been a fun challenge to stay on budget using the envelope system, and eliminating white sugar and  flour from the diet. Taking time to accomplish things, without unnecessary pressure to be perfect, is refreshing. Posting when you can't see the pictures, and trusting that they are there for others, to see takes Faith.

I trust you can see my Maple Syrup and Coffee photo :) My apologies if you can't. (I can't) Blessings~


  1. Blogger is definitely doing it's own thing! There are 2 of the same photos up... One is way too big, and one is much smaller! lol! But the point of this post hits homes with me... I feel the same way right now in regards to my health... I need to have faith that it will turn out ok & be grateful that I can still eat pure & healthy food that He has provided! Not the "junk" that man makes!

  2. Carla, I signed up over at Wordpress, thinking that the pictures would never re-appear :/ Then I thought let me check , AGAIN this morning. Wow, there was that GiNORMOUS picture, I laughed so Hard! Omgoodness. :/ Now I can't see my background,and there's no music. Guess the visual and audio are taking turns :) Blessings. Hope you are feeling great on this sunny day. Is it sunny where you are?