Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chickens and Chow.

                   "These eggs were both laid by our backyard chickens. We have a Henrietta who lays 3 yoke eggs. It's Amazing."

We have back yard chickens- it's the first year that we have had them. They were raised last spring as peeps, hand fed, and kept under a warming lamp. Gradually they made their way outdoors. We are learning as we go, but daily gathering the eggs never seems to get old. Farm Fresh eggs are amazing. The chickens are a happy bunch of 12.

I'm not a "Chicken farmer" by nature. We happened into a local pet store for our cat 'Mittens' last April, and found ourselves leaving with 4 of the most adorable peeps ever! (Yes, I said 4 :) We then went back 3 more times for other varieties because they were so darn cute!  It took almost 5 months until the first egg appeared. That was an exciting moment around here...."WOW an EGG!" Now we are BLESSED with an Abundance of eggs every single day. They are really fun to watch and not that much trouble to keep. We have a chicken wire run for them, a hen house (we don't have a rooster), and an enclosed portable chicken tractor so they continue to get fresh grass in different areas of the yard.

I've been coming up with different egg recipes over the last few weeks to use up some of the many eggs that we've been getting daily.
  • Quiche
  • Pound Cake
  • Angel Food Cake
  • Omlets
I didn't think that I would ever own my own chickens. I'm really glad that we do, they have been a real joy to us, and the neighbors too. Everyone enjoys watching them strut around the yard. As the weather gets colder I'm trying to discover how much time that they should be spending outdoors. If there are any of you who are experienced chicken farmers, please leave any pointers that you have for us either on raising them, or egg recipes, in the comments :)

Blessings~ Tammy


  1. I have friends who have chickens, they built a huge chicken coop in their backyard and that works great for them.

  2. Michelle, We have an end of a barn where they stay, it's plenty big I think....but do your friends leave them out in the winter time for any duration? I'm wondering what's too cold for chickens, and they should stay inside their hen house :) Welcome to the blog~ If you hear about the length of time that they can be outside please let me know :) Do you have any great egg recipes?? ;)