Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cleaning out the Nursery

Today is a day that will be a crossroads for us. We have no more babies in the house. Yet, we have a room that was a nursery for our now grown children. How does that happen? The years pass by so quickly, and we find ourselves parents of adults.

The door has been closed, there is an ironing board set up in there for quick access. However, it is in need of an update. It's time to create a space for the time of life that we find ourselves in.

It's time for an artist's studio.

Photography, wreaths, floral arrangements have all been hobbies of mine--A way to make presents, and home decor for others and ourselves. A friend asked me why I haven't opened a store on Etsy to supplement the Emergency Fund...I hadn't thought of that before. In truth, I don't want to be pressured to create an object-wreath, arrangement, or find the perfect picture. But the way I understand it, items may be listed, like Ebay, when you have them finished. Simply work and list as they are completed. I think we will try this. I'm excited because we came up with a name: "Abundant Harvest Creations". We should be open by next weekend. (Wish me luck, not 100% sure of it :)

I'm going to keep a spreadsheet of time spent in the studio, and the time that would be spent at a career position out of the house, and compare the productivity of two. This blog began as a reflection on time and money, working outside of the home or being a stay at home mom. Where does a mom go, with an advanced education, or not, after the children are grown.... We're converting the nursery today....wherever you are on your journey know that where you spend your time and money is very revealing.

Blessings on your journey. 

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