Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitchen Aid Mixer: Is it worth it?

Is it better to buy a quality mixer like a Kitchen Aid, then to suffer through with a hand held mixer? I've always been a frugal, economically minded person, so it hadn't dawned on me until recently that having something of quality may last many many years, and may be in the end the more economical way to go.

I think I may set aside money weekly to make this purchase. Planning to:
  1. Get it on sale
  2. Use a coupon if possible
  3. Research the best model (hopefully one with attachments for making pasta:)
At the grocery store today I priced frozen ravioli, it is not cheap-and rarely goes on sale. Making homemade ravioli, hopefully with sprouted flour, would not only be more economical but healthier!

I understand that a Kitchen Aid Mixer has an attachment for bread dough too....I'm hearing such good from so many people that have one, it almost seems like a necessity in the kitchen. Is it? or Do I just want one? Telling the difference is sometimes hard. Sometimes it is even legitimate for a "want" and a "need" to be one and the same. That's what I'm calling this one. I think it will pay for itself with the first case of fresh ravioli that is made.

So today I've accomplished my checklist already, have been to the gym for the Couch to 5K workout, and now it's time to research the Kitchen Aid Mixers. Please weigh in on how you like yours if you have one? If you know of a better mixer? Or if you think mixing with a hand mixer is the way to go....
P.S. I still mash potatoes with a non-electric potato masher ;)


  1. I think you should get one! Mine has lasted me a long time, its worth it, and I love it. Although I do believe it is probally more of a want, but is a practical, smart want, that will help you to be more healthy, and will make providing for your family a lot easier. Save for it, buy it with cash and count your blessings. Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks, Mary! I do really want one. I've told my hairdresser that I am looking for one, might be able to find one secondhand. Going to save for one, and pay cash-that is excellent advice. :)

  3. There is NO BETTER mixer, than a Kitchen Aid!! Hubby bought me an Accolade for my birthday last year & I love it to bits! The bread dough hook s awesome! You'll use it for *everything*!! Here's the link...

    Mine wasn't as great a deal, but it's the same one, crisp white too! :) Save your pennies, you'll be glad you did!

  4. Carla, Thanks for the encouragement! I really do want one. Do you have the pasta attachment? I really want the pasta attachment to make our own pasta (especially ravioli :)

  5. I say get one. My grandma gave me mine at a shower 25 years ago. They last a lifetime.

  6. Julie, it is good to know that they hold up :)

  7. I have one of the very first kitchen aid mixers and LOVE It!!