Wednesday, October 19, 2011


In the process of clearing out unwanted items, there have been some things that have been placed on Ebay. It is an online yardsale, and it is a lot of fun to watch the items go up in price. Earning money for something that was not needed anymore feels great, and also gives the item a second chance to be appreciated.

An online site that I had never visited before, called Etsy, has been mentioned alot lately on the blogs and pages that I visit. I decided to take a peek over on the Etsy Site and see what it is all about. There are some remarkable hand made items! Beautiful wreaths, jewelry and art abound. Since I've been slowly working on the oval braided rug, I know what kind of time it takes to make something handmade. Most of the items on Etsy are handmade. There are inspirational pieces, and practical pieces alike. It is super easy to set up a store.

I think this is a great way to contribute to the family income, while at the same time doing handycrafts that you enjoy. There were many items on the Etsy pages that I lingered on wondering whether I should purchase as gifts.  Do you have an Etsy Store? Please leave your store link in the comments section. We would love to visit :)


  1. Ha! I'm super not-crafty. :-) But, I do like looking at all of the wonderful things other people make.

  2. Easy is wonderful & addictive!! I do shop from there quite often... I buy 99% of my fabric on Etsy.. SOO much to choose from! My shop has tumbleweed blowing through it or else I'd hook you up! lol!

  3. Thinking about listing some things. There are a lot of beautiful items on there! (Carla, you're funny..."tumbleweeds" lol) I opened the shop "Abundant Harvest Creations" but need to upload items, fix up the shop a bit. Any tips on templates, and making the shop look unique? Not sure how to do all of that :)

  4. I love Etsy and have a shop there:

    Tam..I think your rugs would do great here!
    There are no templates that can be used, but you can upload a banner and a profile pic (email me if you'd like me to create one for ya!) xoxox