Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Envelope System

Using the Envelopes

This morning I distributed cash into 7 envelopes in the drawer. We've decided that Friday to Friday will work better than Wednesday to Wednesday. So this is day 4 (Tuesday), I put $11 in each envelope. We put the excess money in the "Fun Cash" envelope at the end, there is currently $65 there.

Hopefully I can continue to build that $65 to $100 by the end of next week. That would be fantastic, and is my goal. On Saturday, the envelopes will replenish to $11 a day, with any excess going into the "Fun Cash" envelope.

We are selling our truck, so there will be money to set aside for a new one. We will have an account to hold the money until the right time comes along. Until then we will be a 1 car family, plus the company car that my husband uses only for going to and from work. Do any of you have teenagers that drive, and have only one car between you? We are hoping to save on insurance for the two months that we will be a one vehicle family. This money will go to the surplus account as well, so we can pay cash for the next vehicle.

The envelope system has served us very well. Paying cash is much better then plastic! Knowing exactly how much you have to spend, and the amount that is left, is very freeing. Even if sometimes the answer to buying something, if the money is low is: "I'll have to wait".

Blessings on this positively gorgeous October Day!


  1. That sounds great! Cash really is the way to o.

  2. I've been thinking about doing the envelope system also. We are so dependent on our cards though.

  3. We do a combination of the envelope system for weekly stuff such as food, gas, and household items and our debit cards for budget items like medical expenses and gardening supplies.

  4. I'm a cash only type of girl too! I don't know how you can do it on $11/day though... wow! I have $200 for the next week & a half... you really inspire me to "stretch" my budget though! :)