Thursday, October 6, 2011

To all Things There is a Season

Letting go. How do you "Let Go?" Of stuff, memories, jobs, and people when it's time to move on...

I went to the attic today. I was looking for the rest of my fall decorations that were put away in haste last year and buried under the Christmas decorations. While I was up there I took note of all of the many boxes, bags and totes....Thankful that we have such a large attic I began to root through a couple of the boxes of my grown children's items.

I don't know if you've had this experience, but seeing tiny shoes, ballet tutus, and baseball gloves for tiny hands when your children are out of college set me on the floor. I just looked at them, held them for a few minutes and put them back in the box.  Next, I came to their Halloween costumes. Their Grandma bought them each a new Halloween costume for their school parade each year while they were young. I pulled them out and took them downstairs, to wash them up with the intention of listing them on Ebay. There is no sense leaving them in the attic, right? Someone should enjoy them as much as we did. They are in excellent shape, and were in a rubbermade tub.

Those were my intentions until the children stopped by and saw them laying on the floor. "Oh MY look at those!!" overjoyed and excited as 7 year olds. I asked sheepishly: "Would you mind if I put them on Ebay?"  The reply: "Well, I thought that we were keeping them for my children?" My reply: "Oh, okay. I'll put them back up in the attic. I didn't realize that you would want them."

The question remains-When is it time to let go of 15 year old Halloween costumes? Is it ever? I thought I would take a photo of them, file it with the photo of the children wearing it when they were small. I still haven't listed them on Ebay, but I'm still considering it. Still trying to decide when and what should be left go of. We cannot keep everything! We just can't. Since we are considering a move, in the next couple of years, it will become necessary to let go of items. Not the memories, but the items. I'm considering creating a shadow box of my son's first baseball uniform and glove and my daughters tutu and ballet slippers, along with photographs. Giving items, like Halloween costumes, to the grown children is always a possibility...

"A Day Hemmed in Prayer is Less Likely to Unravel."-Author Unknown

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  1. I think if your kids want them saved, let them store them! lol! I'm really going to try to get rid of a good amount of toys this week... I really want my girls to value what they have, but they simply can't when they have SO MUCH. :/