Friday, December 30, 2011

Lists. Make Them-and watch it get done.

I believe in lists. Not the rigid kind of list that lacks flexibility, but the goal kind. Write a list and you can be sure that you have direction. Want to start an exercise program? Don't wish, make a list. What routine are you going to do? What time of day? Then write it down. Put on your sneakers, exercise, and then cross it off your list. Such a fulfilling experience to cross it off! Proof that you accomplished your goal.

Some don't make lists. They don't believe in filling their lives with something, because something better, more creative or meaningful may come along. It might!!!! If it does, re-arrange your list, move some items to the TOP of tomorrow's list. Still make a list and move towards accomplishing the items on it.

Want to organize your home? Make a list. Go room to room and write down, in detail what needs done. Living room: Vaccuum, organize closet, clean out old dvds in the TV cabinet, take down Christmas items, dust. You get the idea. Then do the list. No need to think, just follow. Get the vaccuum and run it, cross it off the list :)

It  is good to think about your goals and the steps needed to reach them. Reflection is important, but if you reflect all day and JUST keep making lists without doing the items nothing will get done. (Unless you are passing out the lists by delegating ;) Be reasonable, make a doable list. 5 items. Tomorrow is another day.

I'll leave you with a barometer for list making as stated by the late Steve Jobs:

“Follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you want to become.” Steve Jobs

Happy New Year 2012!!!


  1. I'm all about lists too! They keep my sanity! ;) Happy New Year!!

  2. Carla, It is so nice to "see" you. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season! I ran my first 5K on New Year's Eve-signed up for another Frosty 5K on Feb 5th. Do you have a web site or only a blog? I'm thinking about creating a website that has a link to the blog, FB, Twitter. Are there pros and cons to doing this? Thanks~Happy New Year!!