Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Pup "Chanel" -Lessons Learned

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."-Dali Lama

I decided that I wanted a small "purse" sized dog. Something small like the lady had that I saw on the Southwest flight home--she carried the puppy in a sort of fashionable sling, it was so adorable!! My precious Bobbi, long hair 9 yr old pastel calico cat,  had to be put down with a lymphoma a few weeks ago. So I was hoping to get a persian kitten, or a purse sized puppy.

I looked online at various breeders. Thinking I wanted a yorkie, shih-tzu, or miniture poodle. Every one was very kind, and the puppies looked adorable! I began to wonder if there might be something at one of the shelters that would be small. When I clicked on the local shelter's link there was a space for a 3 yr old Shih-Poodle! (Shih-Tzu/Poodle), but no photo since it was just brought in.

                "OH I am SO excited, I thought to myself. This is the perfect purse dog for me!!!"

Since it was Thanksgiving Day we had to wait until Friday to go and get her. Sight unseen. I was at the door when they opened at 10 am. Cash in hand. Waiting. There were lots of other people there at the door too. So maybe they wanted "My Dog". I dashed through the doors asking about the pup, going back to the kennels, looking for her.....she wasn't there! I asked the desk again. Noone knew her. Then one worker said: "Oh, yes. She is at the vet and groomers." Thank goodness! Can we wait? I asked. Well it may not be until the end of the day. Well can I get her then? (Still sight unseen). Well you need to put down a deposit, and then we will keep her for you. "YES!"

I read over her sheet. "Overweight!" It said she was "Overweight, never exercised-ever!" Well how overweight can a "Purse dog" be? Right?

They closed at 4pm. I was back at 3:30pm to pick her up. New leash, new collar :)

When I first laid eyes on her my first reaction was to giggle. She was short. She was Round. She was not a "Purse Dog". She was a "Meatball". I heard "She weighs a little more than we thought: 26 lbs!" I smiled. You can visit with her and decide they told me.

I put on her new collar, the leash-and said I weigh a little more than I thought too. We will get in shape together! Oh are you sure. Yes, I'm sure. I paid. We went home to walk.

Chanel the 26 lb Shih-Poo gets her coat when she smells my coffee brewing. She wants me to walk even if I want to sit back down to watch the news. We have walked at least twice a day since Black Friday. (She was my Black Friday 2011 Purchase from the Shelter.)

We are getting fit together, one step at a time. Love what you have, who you are. Begin where you are at one step at a time.....


  1. Enjoy your new "meatball", err... Puppy! ;) I'm sure she'll be in better shape & health before you know it!!

  2. Thanks Michelle :)

    Carla, She is the most adorable "meatball" we walked again this morning :) One step at a time.... PS How are you managing Christmas wishlists from the children and parents this year?? I've been praying about it this morning. I really wish I had a plan....